Delivering community services by providing: an open and trusted environment with parents and young people gaining knowledge around tackling Extremism and promoting community cohesion.

Mustaqbill(Future)Foundation Grassroots work with communities particularly young people and carries out training with young people, with the aim of creating mentors who will tackle extremism and contribute to community cohesion. We provide young people with the opportunities to experience unforgettable interactive training, which is sometimes carried out by individuals that had once held extremist views. We find that Peer projects are a particularly effective way of engaging young people who are harder to reach and encouraging them to get more involved and gain a sense of ownership and responsibility for where they live, work or study.

Success will be measured by how many young people will become volunteer peer led mentors. MFF measures in evaluations with young people about topics covered in training such as social inclusion, community cohesion, equality, diversity and democracy.

Mustaqbill(Future)Foundation Grassroots work with parents

Mustaqbill(Future)Foundation has produced a support system for parents that need support in tackling the views of extremism. We understand that it can be daunting for parents to accept the fact that their young person has extreme views. We give support to parents by producing publications for them, giving avenues of where they can access further support, in some cases we invite parents and young people to have a respite time out in the accommodation of the foundation.