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Mustaqbill(Future)Foundation is a charity which works on two main aspects of the society promoting the community cohesion and working on reducing the criminal rate by teaching, consulting and advising. As the most important aspect of a crime free society is prevent people from committing crimes. We work with those people who are at risk of offending. They are the people who are jobless and homeless. For Community cohesion we work to diminish radicalism, inter-faith and intra-faith tensions and develop the platforms for interaction and discourse between Muslims, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Budhas, Non-Believers and Christian communities and preventing people from committing crimes. We continuously work to build stronger associations between communities and promoting social inclusion and to help out ex-offenders to the cycle of re offending. Since its inception, we have become a trusted charity for exchange between different faiths and bringing ex-offenders back to the rhythm of their life.

Our Key elements

The Slough Based Mustaqbill(Future)Foundation, the aim of getting all communities working together to tackle extremism and to support ex-offenders in leading crime free lives. The community cohesion project is aimed at minority groups and the people of traditionally excluded backgrounds. It brings them together to unite, celebrate and learn in diversity. The rehabilitation project aims the people who are offenders they are jobless and homeless persons. The charity promotes community cohesion and doing rehabilitation of offenders through:

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